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Our standard Rolled Steel and Cast Iron Frame motors provide superior quality and unique designs features compared to competing brands in the marketplace. We provide a full product offering in Cast Iron construction from 56 through 449T Frame designs to meet the harsh application requirements found in a variety of industries.

Our Sterli-Seal Washdown products are designed to withstand the challenges of today's Process Industry where high-pressure washing is required for sanitary requirements. This product provides a Smooth Rolled Steel Constructed Frame to eliminate buildup of material and to allow ease in cleanup in a sanitary application.

.33 HP Motors
.50 HP Motors
.75 HP Motors
1.00 HP Motors
1.50 HP Motors
2.00 HP Motors
3.00 HP Motors
5.00 HP Motors
7.50 HP Motors
10 HP Motors
15 HP Motors
20 HP Motors
25 HP Motors
30 HP Motors
40 HP Motors
50 HP Motors
60 HP Motors
75 HP Motors
100 HP Motors
125 HP Motors
150 HP Motors
200 HP Motors

Helical Gear Products

Sterling Electric offers a full range of Helical Gear Products to meet the demands of industry. Our standard cast iron product design is uniquely suited for the harsh environments found in the pulp/paper industry and provides excellent corrosion resistance and long life.

Our full range of Stainless Steel products stand up to to the demands of today's Food Processing, Meat Processing, Pharmaceutical and Sanitary applications. Our unique SSR2000 Helical Inline gear products offer a premium efficient drive system through the use of Helical Gearing in an all stainless steel constructed housing, which eliminates coated surfaces and the worry of rust or corrosion.

Helical Reducers

Helical Gearmotors

56C Frame Size Helical Reducers
140TC Frame Size Helical Reducers
180TC Frame Size Helical Reducers
210TC Frame Size Helical Reducers
1.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
2.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
3.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
5.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
10.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
15.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
20.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
25.0 HP Helical Gearmotors
30.0 HP Helical Gearmotors