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New Sterling Products

Sterling Electric is proud to introduce our Unique SSR2000 Series ALL Stainless Steel Inline Helical Reducers and Gearmotors.

Our new product features a corrosion resistant solution to the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries with electro-polished surfaces provided as standard, to decrease the growth of bacteria.

Standard Construction Features:

  • 304 Cast Stainless Steel Housing
  • Electro-polished surfaces
  • Compact C-Face Coupling Input Design
  • Stainless Steel Output Shaft and Hardware
  • Inverter Rated to Listed Specifications, when supplied with motor

Available Styles:

  • Solid Input/Output
  • NEMA C-Face Coupling Style Input
  • Flange Output Mounting
  • Double Reduction 2.0 to 54:1 Nominal Ratios